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Welcome to the Website of Suginami Fencing Club!

Let's play fencing with us!

Suginami Fencing Club was established in July 1987. Our initial members, who met fencing in different ways and were fond of it, voluntarily forgathered in Suginami City, Tokyo, and the club began its activities in Eifuku gymnasium (, and now in Ōmiyamae gymnasium).

Now, we have many members: the young and the old, beginners and experts, foreigners and Japanese, et cetera. Each of us has own motive for fencing, but all of us enjoy fencing and other activities of the club.

We practice fencing ---foil, epee, sabre--- in a comfortable atmosphere. Usually, about twenty people take part in weekly practice. Everyone has her/his own fencing style. And so, we can play fencing with various fencers and experience various fencing styles.

If you want to try fencing as beginners, or if you want to enjoy and improve your fencing as experients, or if you used to play fencing before and want to enjoy it again, etc..., you will be happy with Suginami Fencing Club. Let's join us and enjoy fencing together!

Please contact us by e-mail in advance or come directly to the gymnasium when we practice, if you are interested in our club and fencing. We are looking forward to your contact and your coming.

Thank you.

Our e-mail address is fencer@suginami-fencing.org.


Activity Schedule

Our schedule is sometimes unexpectedly changed. Please check this page regularly.

All the practices scheduled in March 2020 have been cancelled due to precaution against COVID-19.

Mar. --- --- Ōmiyamae gymnasium
Apr. ? ? Ōmiyamae gymnasium

Information about gymnasium.

Ōmiyamae gymnasium

2-1-1, Minamiogikubo, Suginami, Tokyo.
---Take a bus (for Miyamae-3-Chōme) from the south exit of Ogikubo Station on the JR Chuo or Marunouchi Subway lines, a one-minute walk from Ōmiyamae-Taiikukan bus stop.
---It's a fifteen-minuite walk from Fujimigaoka Station on the Keio Inokashira Line.
---Here is a MAP [Google Map].

Participation cost (per one time)

Admission fee   Free
Participation expense (General) 1,000 Yen
  (University student) 500 Yen
  (Below high school student) 300 Yen


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